Biddew Gris – Throw Pillow




Woven textiles, or serru rabal in the Wolof language, are the most cared for objects in a Senegalese home. These textiles, loaded with symbolic meaning, are presented at special occasions. Even today, they are used as a shield against evil. This contemporary pattern features the hexagon _ a symbol of wisdom, life, and health present in Islamic, Christian, and Judaic history. Both the positive and negative versions of this symbol displayed in this piece reinforce the idea of unity and complementarity, much like the concept of yin-yang in Eastern thought. The weaving technique employed to create this pillow requires two people and meticulous execution. One weaver, the apprenti, assists the other. Coordination between the two allows for the creation of elaborate patterns.

This textile is finished with our flax linen backing and closed by an exposed zipper with a gold pull. The cushion is stuffed with an oversized down insert.

Dimensions: 20″ W x 20″ H 

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